Manage your NGO smoothly with our TimeKompas App

Empower your NGO teams with TimeKompas

From tracking staff to monitoring projects, TimeKompas provides all essential tools that helps to track and manage remotely working staff, their tasks and projects.

Comprehensive NGO management solution

TimeKompas has dedicated features for NGOs & survey companies with its unique geo-tagging, location capturing facility allow team manager to monitor the all visits and work of volunteers/staffs throughout the day.


Customize survay forms and reports

Don’t worry about complicated survey work use TimeKompas app and create customize form and generate personalize report of respondent which helps to increase transparency and decreasing false working report during the projects.


TimeKompas Simple and Effective

Customer Service

TimeKompas Simple and Effective

Easy To Use

TimeKompas Simple and Effective

Safe & Secure

TimeKompas Simple and Effective

Value For Money


TimeKompas Savings Calculator

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