CRM for Real Estate Industry

A better way to manage your employees, clients, sites and
deals in single platform

Accelerated Sales with powerful real estate CRM

One of the big challenge of real estate industries in a digital world is to manage interactions with both current and prospective customers. TimeKompas helps admin to monitor all the employees activities manage leads/inquiries, deals, clients, followup, sites visits at one place.


Improve Employees productivity by Proper Monitoring

From office employees to site workers timekompas provide to track their attendance, salary, wages, landmark/sites, tasks and projects all in single platform.

Smarter reporting and insights

Never miss any reports & opportunities and keep track of everything like sales & deals pipelines, client interaction, sites visits etc are by using TimeKompas App and web panel.



TimeKompas Simple and Effective

Customer Service

TimeKompas Simple and Effective

Easy To Use

TimeKompas Simple and Effective

Safe & Secure

TimeKompas Simple and Effective

Value For Money


TimeKompas Savings Calculator

Our advance Algorithm can help you find how much you can save every month with TimeKompas. Check now