Manage Your Urban & Government Offices

Staff attendance through selfie

TimeKompas enables government sector to improve productivity, maintain compliance, and more effective to manage all the staffs. Better manage field and office staff from smartphone using location capture and selfie based attendance features and so you can avoid Fake and Proxy attendance with human error free.

Payroll at just one click

Say good bye to old conventional method to managing payroll. Get new advanced way of handling payroll of all employees by using TimeKompas. calculates the salary based on their daily attendance inputs considering Overtime, Advanced Late Fine, Leaves, and Half days.


Dashboard and Reports

Monitor Field and Office Employees at their work locations and Get real-time update of their attenance, tasks, salary and meeting etc via mobile and web access. you can also download all reports in excel and pdfs.


TimeKompas Simple and Effective

Customer Service

TimeKompas Simple and Effective

Easy To Use

TimeKompas Simple and Effective

Safe & Secure

TimeKompas Simple and Effective

Value For Money


TimeKompas Savings Calculator

Our advance Algorithm can help you find how much you can save every month with TimeKompas. Check now