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Covid-19: How to make work from home more productive??

Coronavirus COVID-19 hits India in full force. Cases of COVID19 in India is increasing gradually. In India  more than 12.5 millions people have been infected, and 165 thousands plus people have been died. Amid this rapid global challenge during corona virus, companies have decided that employees shall work from home, but their are many challenges to it.

To start, Its challenge for managers to monitor work from home effectively. He/She needs to understand the factors that can make remote work more productive. Otherwise, employees job performance will decline. 

To overcome such challenges many tools and software are available in market. But choosing the right, cost effective and user friendly solution is a big problem. Here, we are going to discuss about another All-in-One solution which can help managers to manage their employees effectively and intelligently. 

The solution is TimeKompas Mobile App. TimeKompas provides companies, the tools to support Work-From-Home.  It supports businesses around the world and empower their employees to work from home and at the same time combat the spread of COVID-19. Timekompas Features are made to support productive remote working. Lets check out some of these features

- Employees can Mark attendance from Anywhere/Anytime via mobile app 

- Work from Home Module

- Employee monitoring tool

- Enter Time-sheet & Daily Activity Sheet

- Task Assignment and Management

- Effort Calculation

- Where is My Employee?

- Broadcast Messages

- 40 + Reports

So, TimeKompas app not only helps to manage your remote employees but also increase the productivity of your team while keeping every team member updated about the current status of the projects.


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