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Time and attendance tracker app

TimeKompas Time and attendance tracker app

In this busy schedule of life it’s hard to keep up with all of the details and manage the attendance records of the employees working in the company. This is the reason why we came up a solution Timekompas Time and attendance tracker app which is very easy, convenient and time saving method to keep you updated with all the little to large details of attendance of your employees. This is a smarter way to keep up with all of your employees and get their attendance details in split seconds.

Time is the most valuable thing which should be saved and used where it needs to be yes that’s on your business. It’s not only for keeping the attendance records of the employees but to do more so that you get the most of them that is their overview.

In Timekompas Time and attendance tracker app has emphasized features like daily check in and check out attendance and live tracker as well. Live tracker lets you know the location and places were employees have been through. Where they were to where they are.

Wondering how it all works?

Let’s break it down.

As it is the world of internet. Everything has to be done online. You can keep yourself updated with data of attendance of your staff. It is accessible through your pc to laptops and now even on your phone. You read it right through your phone it is a very effective and time saving way which can be done seamlessly through your smartphone.

Our app time and attendance tracker lets you save time and manage a lot more and makes your work easier of being updated from your employees.

1. Selfie based attendance System-

Allows you to submit your attendance in just a camera click. Yup you can take a selfie and submit it as your attendance. It’s a modern and quick way. You can even submit your colleagues attendance as well. Take a group photo or only of your colleague to submit their attendance. 

2. Easy & Effective-

it’s a very easy and effective way. As we understand how important it is for a company to keep employees attendance data for a successful business. By using the application time and attendance tracker you can easily keep all the data such as employees time of in/out attendance. It even informs you whether the selfie attendance was taken inside or outside of the office with exact meters in distance.

3. Online & offline availability - 

By keeping time in our priority we have made it the most reliable attendance system by providing online and offline attendance modes. Yes time and attendance tracker app lets you submit your attendance offline too. No compromises with work we made sure that there is no stopping you from submitting your attendance. 

4. Live tracking -

It helps you to track your employees. It gives you the information about the live location and also from where the employees submitted their attendance. It’s a feature that will always keep you linked with your employees. 

5. Applying for leaves & scheduling work shifts - 

Now  you can approve and reject the leave application of your employees from the time and attendance tracker app. Sounds more advanced and professional right? Now you can customize the full day and half day working periods of time when needed. 

6. Security -

Time and attendance tracker is secured in every way possible so you get the best working experience in a highly secured app.

7. User Interface -

It is built with a simple user interface which helps you to understand it and use it easily. Our aim was to get the work done easily in less amount of time. 

8. Payroll management system - 

Manage payrolls just in a single click. You can generate it by data obtained to you by the application. Such as attendance of the employees and working hours done by them. 

9. MIS & Dashboard -

Time and attendance tracker app comes with a web based dashboard where you can view all the interactions on your projects and activities. It helps in analysis and you can make decision instantly by viewing the reports. 

10. Details -

All the data of your employees from their attendance to their working hours to their present locations everything is on palm of your hand. This is the best way to keep yourself connected with your employees. 

It’s amazing how TimeKompas App works it’s a complete package of work that helps you to manage pretty much everything of your work. It’s an experience when the work is done in a modern and a quick way. Dig in to see what it can do and help you with.



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