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What is wrong with Biometric Attendance Systems?

Let me start with a true case story of one of our government clients.

It was an award winning city for Solid Waste Management (SWM). In one of the events after the awards, the higher management asked all the SWM (400 contractual) workers to gather for an open house. When they gathered, the numbers looked like 70-80 odd people. In order to identify, all the employees were asked to mark their Biometric Attendance. To their surprise, the machine showed that all the 400 employees were present. This was highly contradictory !

Further probe revealed that every person were registered 4-5 times using their different fingures. No words to say !! The client took harsh steps against the contractor after this, but consider the amount of loss they have been getting.

So, this is just one of the cases where Biometric Attendance Systems are misused by employees leading to huge losses for the organizations. The other disadvantages associated with Biometric Attendance Machines are:

1. Vandalization: Employees would simply break the devices so that they wont have to comply.
2. De-Centralized: Most of the biometric attendance machines work offline. You need to pay separately for online solutions. For a large and decentralized organization, this involves huge procurement costs.
3. Static Locations: Biometric attendance systems does not stand a chance for field employees like sales teams, site engineers, field workers etc. Biometric machines are used only in office premise. If it has to be carried along, you wouldnt know the exact location of the employees, leading to proxy attendance.
4. Proxy/fake Attendance: As seen in the story above, there are huge provisions for fake attendance with this system.
5. Limited Features: Biometric attendance machines are for attendance only (& maybe some basic reportings). You need to pay extra (sometime huge) to integrate these with your orgs other people management solutions (like HR & Payroll).
These are some of the challanges associated with the use of Biometric attendance systems. So what are the options available for the organizations to avoid such issues?

The answer towards this are the futuristic mobile apps with selfie based attendance (which uses AI based face detection technology) & workforce management system in which an employee marks his/her attendance by just taking a selfie picture from their work place (office or on-site). Doesnt it sound interesting? Sure, it does. One of the example is the award-winning TimeKompas App.

These are very simple to use, comes with lot of features, are highly secured and is integrated with payroll generation as well. So it gives you "Picture to Payroll" in only few clicks. And the best part is their pricing. Many of such apps come on SaaS model at a monthly/yearly nominal subscription fees per employee.

Many apps like TimeKompas are Highly Secured, Fake-Proof, Geo-Fenced and can even help you with your sales & service team management (Targets, Route Planning, Visits, Timesheets, Orders, Claims etc).

So, it is always good to look around for the evolution in technology and adapt to the futuristic solutions rather than sticking to the old generation systems.


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