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How Work-From-Home can be made easy?

It was great to see how two young bloggers were staying at home and utilizing their time for their website. In one of their blogs, they recently featured TimeKompas as a great tool for managing Work-From-Home Situations. Here is the link to access the original post:


The blog as was posted there:


Due to spread of COVID 19, people are encouraged to stay and work from home. In this way, they can complete their work as well as can be safe from Corona virus. It also gives time to be with their family.


But, it is challenging all the time to remain updated on the project progress since teams are not physically present with each other. Even it is difficult for the managers to give the tasks and check if the work is complete on time or not.


There are some expensive software that enables employees and their managers to keep in track, but these software cannot be afforded by everyone. And they are not very easy to use also. However, while searching on internet I came across few mobile & web solutions that can be easily used and they are very cheap & easy to use.


One such app is Timekompas App, which makes it possible, is effective and simple. It enables several teams working on a joint project communicate with ease, it enables any manager to take regular attendance of employees and also helps him/her to track the progress made by the employees. Most importantly, it uses artificial intelligence to track attendance and location. It has got Time-sheets & many reports as well.


Its good to use such solutions instead of going to office at such time. This can reduce crowd on road and thus, it can help us to fight from the epidemic disease Corona virus.


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