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CRM important in the Business World

Why is CRM important in the Business World???

CRM stands for “Customer Relationship Management” helps businesses build a relationship with their customers that, in turn, create loyalty and customer retention. A company’s overall revenue depends on the loyalty and trust that you maintain with your customers.

Better relation with your customers will probably help you to increase your business more easily and effectively. So what CRM solution simply does? It helps every single business to manage their customers remotely through application irrespective of doing it through manual one on one. It also helps employees by dropping daily reminders of the task that they have to cover.  

How does CRM work?

CRM solutions work for improving employee’s daily activities by giving them some features with which they can perform their overall daily task with ease. So, what could be their daily task? That can be visiting customers, arranging a call with a customer, E-mail writing for cold calling or for better advertising of the product and image capturing of the company with the exact location of the customer, well the location can be submitted by manual writing or by using the GPS option for pint-point address. CRM solutions have the ability to remind you what you have been missing? So, what all it could be? Read further for better understanding as a solution its main aim is to remind you the number of calls that have been pending, the bulk emails that you need to do single or multiple customers directly in one go. It also alerts you to the number of pending follow-ups as well the visit you need to do on which day at what time. CRM solutions also offer generating quotation, order, invoice, delivery, collection and route plan. Yes! It is possible to manage all this through the CRM solution.

Now the question comes to mind, which application and what features should be there in a mobile application that could be a fit choice in the business world?

Don’t think too much. I've a solution for you. You can use Timekompas for CRM solutions with premium features.

What TimeKompas offer with CRM Solution?

TimeKompas, helps to grow small businesses by streamlining their employee’s daily activities through a CRM solution. Helps you to reduce daily paperwork monitoring of employees directly through the application. So what best TimeKompas can offer to its customers?
Read below to know why and how?

Easy and Effective:

Mobile CRM app has a feature of location fetching facility through GPS technology that allows field officers and employees to mark their customer and organisation exact location using their Smartphone and this process is very easy and effective. Timekompas offers you premium features like: adding customer details, overall interaction option with customer directly through call\ whatsapp\ e-mail etc, can make an amount or product wise deal against a customer, from giving quotation> order> invoice> delivery> collection> to route plan everything can be happened directly through Timekompas, can check visiting, interaction, follow ups, order report and service report of every single employee daily, can set target against a employee may be of days, week, month or year wise.

Demo or Trial: 

Going through a complete demonstration is a must before purchasing a product or application as you need to understand if this product could be a fit for your company or not. With a demo or trial, users can know about the software prospects and features and help to finalize the solution. TimeKompas not only allows you to go through with a demo but also gives you a chance to register your company without paying anything prior. The trial access ran for 7 consecutive days. 

Safe & Secure: 

Data security and safety is sure to be a must for small or big business as one should understand that the data of a client shall always remain confidential. 
TimeKompas Data Security helps in protecting digital data, including the day in the database from destructive forces and the unwanted actions of unauthorized users such as a data breach or a potential cyberattack. We provide best data security as it is important for companies to ensure the safety and confidentiality of their clients' data.

Mobile and Cloud-based:

CRM features used by employees are mostly cloud-based. The main advantage of Cloud-based solutions is that users can use and access apps and data from anywhere/anytime with an internet connection. TimeKompas solution has a cloud-based data storage facility.

Latest technology: 

In this digital world technologies keep changing continuously. Everyone in this world is running towards being a proper user of the latest technology. Timekompas is well known for using the latest technology to innovate new features and accelerate accordingly. We work more on updating new modules in the solution to make it more accessible for every single field. And also price is not so much high so you can say that it’s cheap and affordable mobile attendance application for all industries.

Customer support: 

We live in a world where people think of customer support as a part of post sales but here in the TimeKompas we have separated both the things as retaining a customer and solving their every single problem is first and last priority. We provide both support i.e. onboarding as well technical support.
TimeKompas offers you the best price with a technically sound support team who would be available with you to solve every single queries. 
So what are you waiting for? Visit TimeKompas Solution website and register yourself for a quick demo and trial.


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