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TimeKompas Saving Calculator

Do you know? You can Save upto 38% of your Employee Salary.

Every business owner knows how important it is to save their money, but a tough task. Right? 

A big portion of their revenue goes into employee salary and getting the right output out of their staff's time is very important. Employers pay based on the attendance & working hours as per the attendance taken through manual registers, web punch-ins or biometric machines. But there are several ways to fake them. Even if attendance is done, it is difficult to monitor their work and measure the productivity. 

Research shows that employers can save upto 38% of their total employee salary just by effectively monitoring their work. But how to do that, especially when you are working on a multi / remote location or field work environment? Before understanding that, first check how much you are loosing within your organization with your current system. It uses Artificial Intelligence to calculate your optimum savings when shifted to a better managed solution.

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These old attendance systems are not reliable anymore. You need to be more secured, connected and advanced. TimeKompas app is one such solution in your refuge. 

TimeKompas uses Artificial Intelligence to capture employee's attendance and track their movements along with helping them in field & office work like sales, marketing, timesheets, projects etc. Employers can use advance analytics at the touch of their smartphones to monitor their working hours & attendance, sales & targets, assign & review tasks and a lot of other CRM, HRMS & Payroll, Project Monitoring & other functions. 

It is so simple to use over App & Web with useful Dashboards & simple navigations with 7 layers of security. Some of the modules it cover:

  • Attendance & Payroll - Selfie attendance, Geo-Tagged Location, Live Tracking, 1 Click Payroll, Average Hours, Online/Offline Modes etc

  • Employee Self Service - One place for all their needs

  • HRMS - Employees, CRs, Leave, Holidays & Work shifts etc

  • CRM - Sales & Service CRM, Customer interaction history (call, visit, mail etc), sales funnel & pipeline, Orders & Deliveries, Targets, Expenses etc

  • Projects - Projects, Ad-Hoc Tasks, Timesheets, Hour Utilization etc

  • MIS & Dashboard - A complete view of the activities and 100+ reports with an interactive dashboard. 

Saving Calculator - Our smart TimeKompas Saving Calculator allows you to calculate savings in your employees salary. 

Working and keeping everything in order was never this easy and simple. Timekompas is an all in one complete package solution that you need to save your money and valuable time for the growth of your business and company.

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TimeKompas Savings Calculator

Our advance Algorithm can help you find how much you can save every month with TimeKompas. Check now