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Cheap Mobile Attendance

Cheap and Affordable Mobile Attendance Tracking Application for Small Businesses

Searching for mobile based attendance tracking application, but you are not yet ready to pay for this, then you’ll need to keep reading this article. I have something for you that will solve your problems and will give you the idea about which Time and Attendance tracking application is cheap and affordable, in fact not just cheap but even better.

Before discuss cheap attendance solution, let’s discuss it is necessary to use a Mobile-based Attendance Application. Why do u need mobile based attendance app

Attendances tracking mobile applications can be generally used by every organization whether it is small or big.

In the fastest-growing world of internet, it is a waste of time to take attendance on biometric machines or on a register sheet with pen and paper. We generally do not have much time when we are evolving with new technology which can make our work way easier than we imagine.

Time and Attendance mobile app can check the biometric or face recognition to mark the attendance of employee working in the organization.

Now the question comes to mind, why client need to install attendance mobile applications when there are attendance tracking machines or web based punch-in systems available in the market?

Because of huge project work, sometimes employees need to travel outside from the office location. To check the work duration of employee and working status, it’s necessary to update their time & work instantly and it is possible only via mobile app or software. 

Attendance tracking mobile app is far better and cheaper than those electronic attendance checking tools/machines. It is convenient and easy to use, an employee just need a Smartphone.

It is a complete waste of time to give attendance on a spreadsheet when we are aware of the technology and the fact that this old method is prone to proxy attendance. Selfie based Attendance mobile applications can be entirely fake-proof.

Before buying what to look for an Attendance app

Before buying any cheap or low-cost mobile attendance app, first you need to check if it fulfils your requirements or not. In the market, there are many solutions but choosing the right, cost-effective and user friendly solution is a big problem. Here we provide you with some useful guide which helps to find the right one.

Easy and Effective: 

Mobile Attendance app has a feature of location capturing facility by GPS technology that allows field officers and employees to mark their attendance online using their Smartphone and this process should be easy and effective. So before choosing any solution, make sure it’s user friendly and easy to operate. 

Demo or Trial: 

When you’re going to buy the first software for your business, you must go through some important steps like free demo or trial, review etc.  With demo or trial, users can know about the software prospects and features and help to finalize any attendance solution.

Safe & Secure: 

Data safety and security is another most important factor which you have to consider when choosing any solution. The software used to process that data should be safe and secure, and staff should know how to use and deal with the data correctly.

Mobile and Cloud-based:

 Employee attendance applications are mostly cloud-based except a few which are installed on local devices. The main advantage of Cloud-based solution is that user can use and access app and data from anywhere/anytime with an internet connection. So make sure your app has cloud-based data storage facility or not.

Latest technology: 

In this digital world technologies keep changing continuously. The use of latest technology has revolutionized the business sector and improved business productivity. It helps when you use the latest technology-based software solution.

Customer support: 

Quality and price are both important factors, but you need to consider them alongside service after the sale to get the full picture. Check the application which you want to buy has needed Customer support or not. If it has, then which type of communication support is available like Email, Call or both. 

All the factors which have been mentioned should be considered when choosing the needed but cheap attendance app.

But the question is whether any cheap and affordable solution is available in the market that provides all basic features at the most affordable price.

There are a lot of software that enables employees and their managers to manage attendance, but those cannot be afforded by everyone and it is difficult to find something that is user friendly also. However, let me just tell you about one such application that is not just user friendly, but also fares well in all the features/requirements given above.

Let’s discuss one of the great solutions - TimeKompas

TimeKompas is an easy to use, cost-effective and comes with many advanced features.  TimeKompas is an attendance tracking application that is powered by Artificial intelligence. It is an award winning application that helps you manage your employees effectively from your smart phone. In a survey among the existing users of TimeKompas, it was found that companies were able to save upto 38% by shifting to TimeKompas.

You can use this Saving Calculator to know how much you can save in your business: TK Saving calculator

What makes TimeKompas different?

  • Easy to use and loaded with impressive features.
  • Safe and secure
  • Employee monitoring tool
  • 50+ Reports & Analytics
  • All-in-one App with HRMS & CRM
  • Projects & Ad-Hoc Tasks Management
  • Unlimited access during FREE Demo and FREE Trial

Here is the link of how TimeKompas works:-

So don’t waste your time in trying various apps to find which one is best and cheap for attendance tracking, you can simply go for TimeKompas.

You can try it from here


TimeKompas Savings Calculator

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