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How TimeKompas helps you to grow Your Small Business

How TimeKompas helps you to grow your Small Business

Globalization has been a boon until recently but then came the slogans – “Vocal-for-local” and “Atma-Nirbhar Bano”

Life hasn’t been easy for small business owners to grow their small business. Apart from facing challenges from the bigger names in the e-commerce industry, the small business owners have to face a lot of hardships post this COVID-19 pandemic scenario. So what are the solutions? How to grow small business?

While the struggle to keep their business afloat, it is becoming hard every day to maintain and keep their business growing at a scenario where physical involvement is to be minimized. 

So what are the solutions? Is it okay for them to follow an intermittent pattern of lock down and unlock?

How can they run their business by following pandemics of the procedures as well as monitoring the work of their employees as well as planning for sales growth? 

Technology is definitely going to play an important role in such scenario. However, small business owners cannot invest huge on technology. They can’t go for sophisticated software solutions.

So how can they use technology in a simple way?

Simple mobile app-based solutions are available on a low subscription model, which the small business owners can easily afford and use on a day-to-day basis.

TimeKompas is one such solution.

It is available in Google play store and comes with a free trial in which the business owners can download and use it to get acquainted. Once they see that they have sufficient use for their business, they can subscribe to one of the flexible plans as per their needs.

So How does TimeKompas help to grow small business

TimeKompas helps these business owners in a lot of way starting from their employees’ attendance from office or from their field or from their home. Wherever their employees are working, they can simply be tracked from their respective locations. This gives the flexibility to the owner monitor their tasks and progress remotely and help to grow their business.

Did I say task? Yes.

TimeKompas also helps in assigning various projects and tasks to their employees straight from the mobile app and then monitor the progress seamlessly thereby you can also account for the total amount and the total time spent by each person on the respective tasks.

One of the best features of TimeKompas is to find “where is your employee” in just a touch. Of course, it has the capability to Geo-Tag.

While the attendance and timesheets can be used to generate payroll, there are a lot of HRMS features like leaves, holidays, shifts, expenses etc. Employees simply have to take a Selfie for their attendance. Rest all is done in the background. Selfie based attendance of TimeKompas is way better than these (Chinese) Biometric Attendance Systems.

TimeKompas also comes with an easy to use CRM module. This is probably one of the best medium to keep a track of all your sales activities and targets at one place.

You can track all customer interactions, like Calls, SMS, Email or even WhatsApp from one place. And you can set targets or set follow-up activities and you will get reminders for easy monitoring and actions.

There is a detailed deal and leads management feature including pipeline management and sales targets. A multi-stage approach for deal management has been provided.

You can also enter customer visits, samples, orders, payment collections and even account for expenses claimed by your employees. There is also a detailed module for service CRM where you can schedule the employee visits, assign them tasks and get the service reports online.

All these are available in mobile app along with detailed reports and analytics in App as well as in web portal. There are more than 100 reports in graphical & tabular formats to view and download.

So you see, TimeKompas app offer lots of features and analysis tools which help business owner to grow small business. TimeKompas probably has a lot of things to offer to small business owners to track their employees and plan for growth and all this at the touch of your finger. You can join more than 1 lakh users across the country, who have simplified their work and increased their profits  by upto 38%. 

Happy Growing!! 


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