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Attendance and Salary Management App

How to manage attendance and salary of employees easily??

Employees are the most important and significant resource of an organization. Managing them properly can bring a massive difference. If they are managed correctly, then it can boost the productivity of the company or the organization. Off course, Attendance is one of the most crucial factors of employee management.

Substandard attendance salary and app can lead to major consequences like loss of business productivity and profit. It’s very important to keep a track of an employee’s working hour and ensuring accurate and timely payment, while keeping the labor laws and regulations in mind.  

Use Attendance and Salary management software

Tracking attendance of employees is crucial for the reliability and profitability of the company. To track employee working hours, companies use various methods ranging from traditional punch cards systems, timesheets or a Biometric system, but all of these are conventional/old way which leads to make error while managing or updating their attendance and salary. So you have to choose an advance solution that is a perfect attendance and salary management app .

Now problem is that how to find that solution?

Don’t worry; here I will give you an idea and one solution for you to manage your employee’s attendance and salary easily.

In the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic condition, it is very important to avoid physical contact with the attendance machine. Also, keeping manual records are always prone to error. 

So here is the solution, an online attendance and salary management app “TimeKompas” which can eliminate human error and make the “track attendance and salary” modules much more easier and fun.

This app is full of brand new and interesting features which make the work highly simple and modular. Let’s take a closer look at some of the top benefits of using TimeKompas App.

Timekompas demo

1.   Selfie attendance with face recognition:

Even if humans are provided with supporting manual devices, humans are prone to do mistakes and errors. Accuracy has been a major concern of any organization, be it small or a big one. TimeKompas provides a Cloud based Selfie attendance app in which user mark their attendance from smartphone and helps in real time tracking that plays a key role in providing all the information available in real time.

2.    Generate Salary slip/Payslip online:

With the passage of time world is adopting different, efficient and eco-friendly methods of getting their basics done. And here is another way of contributing in it. Online/ electronic payslips are more cost efficient and environmental friendly. Also the great thing is that Employees can download salary slips from their smartphone.

When you generate staff’s Payroll or salary via excel sheet or other conventional method, its more time taking and also mistakes can happen anytime spontaneously. So, one of the great feature with TimeKompas is that Management can view & generate payroll in just one click. Yes, you heard right! On the basis of daily attendance of employees payroll will be calculated.

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3.   Late in/Early out and Half Day:  

Lot of time you have to track employee’s activities like late in/early out and half day and also overtime working. You may want to know if some of your employees are continuously on leave or regularly late comers or working overtime.

With TimeKompas App, you can set your own company profile and working system for every designation or employee, and this solution will keep track and deduct or add payments accordingly.

4.   Provision for different salary structures within same organization:

Normally and on a traditional basis, salaries are calculated monthly, but sometime in many industries where there employees work on contract basis, their salary is provided based on the predefined working schedule like per day/ per hour. Sometime it’s too complex to maintain this type of salary structure. But TimeKompas gives you the option to walk a step ahead from the traditional norms.

With this you can calculate the salary of your employees on per day or hourly basis for more precise calculation. It is easy and very convenient for the administrative staff and the management.

5.   Advance Salary or Payment :

Sometime Companies pay salary in advance on request from employees. And this advance amount is recovered in one or more installments. TimeKompas simplifies this process by automating the advance recovery. TimeKompas has a unique Advance Payment feature that helps to keep track of advance salary payments and make whole process easy.

So you see, TimeKompas app offers lot of features which help to manage your employee’s attendance and salary in easy way. You can join more than 1 lakh users across the country, who have simplified their work and increased their profits by upto 38%. 

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