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TimeKompas Saving Calculator

Do you know? you can save upto 38% of your empoyees salary.

Every business and company owner knows how important it is to save their money. 
But are they really saving it? Let’s find out. Business and company owners pay their employees based on their attendance and working hours done by them but do they know that their employees attendance could be fake? how to identify if those attendances taken by manual registers, web punch in system or biometric machines are real and not fake.

These old attendance systems are not reliable anymore. You need to be more modernized and advanced. Here’s the solution  TimeKompas app. It’s a selfie based attendance system. Here you can submit your attendance through a selfie.  Sounds interesting right.

TimeKompas app will not only save your money but also your valuable time.  When you have a business or a company to run you cannot keep your eyes on your employees all the time. The only way is their attendance which could be fake and that will lead to a loss. Don’t let this happen anymore. Let TimeKompas handle this for you with ease. It’s just an application but allows you to manage multiple tasks.

Selfie based attendance - Attendance is submitted by a selfie along with the information of live location. It allows you to submit your colleague’s attendance and you can submit group attendance as well. It also informs you about the total working hours done by the employees.

Online and offline modes -  It comes with both online and offline modes that means you can submit your attendance online and offline too.

Leave, Holidays & work shifts - you can manage your staff’s leave and holidays by approving and rejecting their leave application. 

Geo location - It tracks your employees and keeps you updated with their live locations. No more fake attendances and roaming around.

1 Click to payroll - Now generate payroll through TimeKompas app. Now you can pay your employees on the basis of their real attendance and their exact working hours. 

MIS & Dashboard - A complete view of the activities and project reports on a web-based interactive dashboard. 

Saving Calculator - Our smart TimeKompas saving calculator (Click here) allows you to save 38% of your employees salary. 
Working and keeping everything in order was never this easy and simple. Timekompas is all in one complete package of solution that you need to save your money and valuable time for the growth of your business and company.